Honest. Emotive. Raw

Existing for human connection

For seekers of real love stories.


For lovers who jettison tradition to create their own.


For the untamed thinkers and feelers who value true connection. 

For you! Because your story deserves to be told.

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Photographs and videos should tell a story - a story about who you are and the experiences that make up your life. As a Sydney based photographer and videographer, specialising in weddings, maternity photos and portraits, it is my mission to find your story (including your quirks!) and bring it to life in beautifully candid photos and videos. My documentary-style photography is perfect for anybody wanting to not only capture the big, heart-bursting moments of magic, but also those precious moments in-between. I have packages available to suit all budgets, so shoot through an email and let’s get that story started!

About me

I'm Billie (Bligh, Baggins or Wilfred to those that know me best) and I'm a photographer and videographer based in Sydney, but will happily travel anywhere for your wedding! 

I'm a deep thinker and a deep feeler and a lover of anything that challenges the status quo. I exist for human connection and take my greatest energy from connecting with people in a REAL way. Give me a camera in one hand, a beer in the other and a coupla rad humans in-front of me and I’ll give you all the energy, laughs and good vibes that my little heart can muster! *fine print – I shoot with two cameras so I guess we will have to save the beers till knock off time*

I've always been a creative person and revel in things I consider to be beautiful...  the beauty of  words and perfectly expressed thoughts; the beauty in a genuine smile;  a pregnant belly; the strength of the human body and what it can achieve; the self-expression and artistry of make-up; the way sunlight can cast a perfect glow around the subject in a photograph and the way that beautiful imagery can tell a story without words. 

These are the things that set my soul on fire!

"Billie has given us such a stunning film for us to cherish for the rest of our lives.
We started our wedding journey with Billie as our vendor, but we finished it with her as our friend"

Hilary & Amy Oct 2019

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